Ajwain Seeds


Ajwain seeds are utilized as a spice. The grayish-green seeds are striped and bended (like cumin or caraway seeds in appearance), regularly with a fine silk stalk appended. They are generally sold entirety. The seeds are regularly bitten all alone for restorative esteem, tasting bitingly hot and sharp, leaving the tongue numb for some time. Cooking ajowan progresses it to some degree. Whenever pulverized, they have a solid and unmistakable thyme-like aroma.
Ajwain has a specific proclivity to dull food like exquisite cakes and breads, particularly parathas. Snacks like Bombay blend and potato balls get an additional kick from ajwain. It is likewise great with green beans and root vegetables, lentil dishes and formulas utilizing besan (chick pea flour). It is at times an element of curry powder. Ajwain seeds contain a key oil, which is around half turmoil which is a solid disinfectant, against fitful and fungicide. Thymol is likewise utilized as a part of toothpaste and perfumery.

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