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Tongkat Ali is a very interesting and unique herbal supplement. Tongkat Ali used as an aphrodisiac and testosterone booster. Tongkat Ali suggested uses include for enhancement of male sexual function. Tongkat ali also has been used as an antimalarial, osteoporosis, diabetes, and anxiety. It is best known for its ability to enhance libido, testosterone levels, erectile function, sexual performance, and fertility in men, giving it the name “Malaysia’s home-grown Viagra. A medium size slender shrub reaching 10 m (33 ft), often unbranched with reddish brown petioles.  Leaves compound, even pinnate reaching 1 m (39 in) meter in length. 
Tongkat Ali is very popular in traditional medicine, but it’s getting more and more popular among people that have libido issues due to the reduction of testosterone. When Tongkat Ali young contains Drupe hard, ovoid, yellowish brown color and brownish red when ripe. 
One of the most sought-after herbal plants for commercial exploitation in Malaysia is Tongkat Ali. The medicinal properties of Tongkat Ali have been known for centuries. 
Every part of the plant, especially the roots, is used for among others as an afterbirth tonic, reducing fevers, curing mouth ulcers and to treat intestinal worms. The roots contain quassinoids which are effective for eliminating malarial parasites. Despite these therapeutic properties, however, Tongkat ali is more highly regarded for its purported aphrodisiac properties. 
Eurycoma longifolia which is known as Tongkat Ali is commonly found in Asian countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar and Cambodia. 
Animal studies Show some positive results for Tongkat Ali use for male sexual function enhancement; there is no clinical data supporting its effectiveness for any health benefits.


Tongkat Ali, long jack, or Malaysian ginseng.
Other Name:  pasak bumi, tung saw.
Eurycoma longifolia
GENUS: Eurycoma

Indochina (Cambodia, Laos, Malaya, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam) 


The tongkat ali favor is strong.


Tongkat Ali is probably best known for enhancing sexual vitality, but this remarkable herb provides broad adaptogenic and balancing properties for both women and men. The list of traditional uses is long and includes promoting general vitality with aging, invigorating sexual vitality, enhancing strength, muscle mass and bone mass, supporting balanced mood, strengthening stress tolerance, and supporting energy and general health.

  • Promote sexual drive and desire in men and women.
  • Support male sexual performance
  • Improve energy and stress tolerance
  • Support optimal bone density.
  • Improve physical stamina and performance
  • Elevate mood.


The root of the plant has been used in folk medicine of the South East Asian region, and in modern times has common use as supplements, as well as food and drink additives. There is no clinical data supporting the effectiveness of Eurycoma longifolia for any health benefit
Health Benefits of Tongkat Ali
1) Tongkat Ali May Increase Testosterone.
2) Tongkat Ali Improves Male Fertility.
3) Tongkat Ali Improves Male Sexual Health.
4) Tongkat Ali May Enhance Muscle Strength.
5) Tongkat Ali May Promote Weight Loss.
6) Tongkat Ali May Treat Male Osteoporosis.
7) Tongkat Ali May Combat Cancer.
8) Tongkat Ali May Reduce Stress And Anxiety.
9) Tongkat Ali May Enhance the Immune System.
10) Tongkat Ali May Reduce Blood Sugar.
11) Tongkat Ali May Decrease Blood Pressure.
12) Tongkat Ali Decreases Pain And Inflammation.
13) Tongkat Ali May Combat Bacteria.
14) Tongkat Ali May Fight Parasites.
15) Tongkat Ali Has Antiulcer Properties.


Quassinoids-These compounds have anticancer, antiparasitic, and antiulcer effects. Alkaloids-which have anticancer and antibacterial properties.


Store in a dry, cool, dark place.


Specific: You should always consult a qualified herbalist, doctor or another expert health practitioner before undergoing in pregnancy or lactation, also if you have liver problems, or are taking any medications. Not for use by persons under 18 years of age. Excessive use, or use with products that cause drowsiness, may impair your ability to operate a vehicle or dangerous equipment.
General: We recommend that you consult with a qualified herbalist , doctor or other qualified health practitioner before consuming this product.
*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. For educational purposes only.

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